Get-away to "Pierres Dorées" (yellow stone) country

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  • Duration: 2 days - 1 night
  • Location: Burgundy
  • Opening hours: -
  • Languages: French-English
  • Participants: 2
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    /2 pers.

    500,00 €


    "A two-day tour of all the treasures to be found in the "Pierres Dorées" country."

    -Agence Idego-

    This package includes for 2 persons:

     Accommodation and meals

    • 2 nights (meals included) in a Bed & Breakfast in the vineyards (or in a hotel 3***)
    • 2 dinners with local specialities



    • Self guided-tour of the medieval village Oingt, ranked as one the Most Beautiful Villages of France
    • Self guided-tour of the 'History of the wine-making' Museum


    Tours and wine-tastings

    • The 'Guillardière' winery
    • The 'Paire' winery



    You won't want to miss a tour through the southern portion of the Beaujolais region, with its bright, lively soil and distinctive earthy-yellow stone cottages that reflect the sun, earning the area the nickname of "Little Tuscany in Beaujolais".

    On the agenda for your first day are relaxation and gastronomy thanks to a very special evening at a farmhouse restaurant nestled among the vines. A traditional meal will introduce you to all the flavours of the region.

    Day two: wine tastings, of course, but also time to explore the exceptional buildings that make up the area's heritage, and several wine-based activities and experiences.

    After your first tasting at the Guillardière estate, discover the charming village of Oingt where you are free to wander as you please.

    In the afternoon, head to the "History of Wine Making" Museum: see the hundreds of tools that tell the story of grape growing and wine making through the centuries. Jean-Jacques Paire will share the secrets behind the organic farming methods he uses for his vines and in his cellar during a visit to the estate. You will also enjoy a wine tasting in a relaxed atmosphere.

    After a full day, head back to the cosy comfort of your room with a final dinner to wrap up your escape to the "Pays des pierres dorées" (Yellow Stone Country) with a flourish!



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